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Why Padbol?

Low investment

The installation of a Padbol court does not require great investments or large areas allowing a quick recovery of the initial capital, transforming it into an interesting and profitable business.

The following images give us a complete idea and help us to take dimension with respect to other types of sports facilities on the spaces necessary for its application:

Minimum space requirement: occupies only 60 m2!

Great economic benefit

In times when the square meter built or occupied is one of the main economic variables to take into account when developing a commercial venture, the Padbol courts offer an excellent economic performance.

The little requirement of space for its installation transform it into an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs and sports complexes in activity.

In Padbol you will find an excellent option that will allow you to take advantage of the spaces and offer the public an exciting and new sport.

Performance Analysis per m2

Comparative Graphics

As you will see in the following table for the practice of Padbol it is necessary only 15 m2 per person positioning, as well as the sport of least requirement in terms of space and surface of today.


Our facilities

– Fully recessed metal structure
– Tempered glass walls
– 60 m2 modular plastic floor
– LED lighting
– Central and regulatory net
– Ornamental black bands
– Official balls
– 360º vision ideal for events and exhibitions
– Very simple armed / disarmed / transport



Modular plastic flooring

It is a high technology surface designed to generate a friendly and safe interaction between the athlete and the ground helping to protect it from joint injuries, blows, and at the same time offering a unique aesthetic.

Padbol courts have 60 m2 of this floor, of which 48 m2 are blue and 12 m2 are red.

– Very simple installation / uninstallation / transport
– Great absorption of high impacts for the athlete
– Very aesthetic
– Maximum durability and protection against UV rays
– Washable
– Quick drying, its components do not absorb moisture


Digital Scoreboard

Developed with the latest technology in sports scores that make the score of PADBOL matches more friendly.

It can work on any type of screen, no matter its size, and also embedded in your website to follow the online score.

It also offers the possibility of reproducing advertisements / images / videos alternately throughout the day, thus being very attractive for advertisers and with a very simple administration from an individual control panel of each user.

(video with subtitles in english)

LED lighting

The technology applied to sports

Accompanying the evolution of the technology applied to sports lighting Padbol Internacional has incorporated LED projectors into its installations instead of traditional halogen reflectors, thus achieving not only a more efficient, ecological and durable lighting, but a 70% lower energy consumption and consequently a great saving in your monthly bill.

Technical Advantages:

  • It allows to take photos and videos in high quality, avoiding the classic flicker that produces the traditional lighting used so far.
  • Immediate turn on: you should no longer wait, as with halogenated mercury lamps, to cool down to turn it back on, turn on and off as many times as necessary, achieving instant fullness in the lighting, so avoid waiting for the next turns with the lights on and save on unnecessary expenses.
  • Provides a whiter, more intense and uniform lighting (not dazzling), highlighting both the eyes of the players and the viewer.
  • It does not radiate heat so it avoids wasting energy as it happens in traditional lighting.
  • It is not extinguished by blows or sudden movements, they are highly resistant.

Ecological Advantages:

Our LED projectors, in addition to not containing mercury, do not emit infrared or ultraviolet radiation, so they are not harmful to health.

The low energy consumption of LED technology translates into significant savings in CO2 and sulfur emissions, which contributes to efforts to protect our ecosystem.

Economic Advantages:

While the lifespan of standard lamps is between 4,000 and 8,000 hours, the lifespan of LED projectors is 50,000 hours.

It consumes 70% less energy, so if your monthly bill is traditionally for example $ 1000 with LED lighting it will not exceed $ 300.

To play you only need a ball


For the practice of this new and exciting sport there is no need for accessories of high economic value such as:

  • Palettes
  • Sticks
  • Rackets
  • Helmets
  • Protectors
  • Special clothing

Or other types of accessories that players must purchase.

It is played with only a ball specially designed in its characteristics and aesthetics to practice Padbol, barely smaller than the one used in football and light weight that avoids the so common annoyances that are caused when heading a heavy ball.

Size: 4 1/2
Weight: 330 gr

Tools and Post-Sale Support

Accompanying the steps of each of our Licensees from the beginning, we provide a continuous post-sales support aimed at key points such as the correct operation of the facilities, customer service and the use of on-line advertising tools that are very effective.

We have a staff highly trained in the correct use of these tools that today provide social networks, the most effective and widest means to get our message directly to the desired target audience.

Pro advertising on Facebook included!

With the acquisition of the Padbol facilities, the Marketing Area of our company will provide its services free of charge, creating the campaign to your needs, videos, images, answers to frequently asked questions, texts and everything you need to spread your business in your influence zone.

By this way not only will be driving your business in a decisive way, but also offering training in the correct use of this type of tools so that you can then exploit them on your own.

Complete know-how

As important as how attractive is our sports business in the client, is the way to interact and interact with it, is what differentiates us and makes Padbol an excellent business model.

Based on the knowledge and experience we provide our Licensees, from the beginning of their activity, not only manuals of correct use of brand and game regulations but also compendiums of actions and ways of carrying out a Padbol club; achieving a highly seductive result.

Our services and interest do not end when your facilities are ready, that is just the beginning of our relationship. Through different forms of communication (Email, phone, WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook, etc.) we will always be available as a support to evacuate your doubts and provide our knowledge immediately.

Padbol and the Competition

The Competition: The Soul of Padbol

Our sport has an active calendar of competitions and tournaments whose apices are in the Padbol World Cup – where all the national teams of Padbol countries face -, the Continental Cups and the Intercontinental Cup of Padbol Clubs.

These international competitions are regulated by the FIPA – the International Federation of Padol Associated – being the conclusion of competences that go from the local level of a club to the provincial and then national tournaments of each affiliated Association and from any part of the world.

In this way every Padbol player has the possibility to compete for participate in tournaments representing its country or its club against representatives from all over the planet.

We share in summary the most outstanding competitions held until today and the next ones to be held:

I Padbol World Cup “Argentina 2013”

In March 2013, the first World Cup of this growing sporting activity was held in Argentina, in which the 1st historic Champion was Spain, thanks to Antonio Palacios Aguado and Eleazar Ocaña García.

Participated sixteen couples of Argentina, Uruguay, Italy and Spain. In the Final, Ocaña/Palacios won 6-1/6-1 against Saiz/Rodriguez.


II Padbol World Cup “Spain 2014”

Between November 20 and 23, 2014, it was held in the wonderful facilities of the “Ciudad Deportiva Camilo Cano de La Nucia” – distinguished with the title of “European City of Sport 2013” award received by representatives of the community and its mayor Bernabé Cano at the seat of the European Parliament in Brussels – the 2nd Padbol World Cup with the participation of Spain, Argentina, Sweden, Mexico, Italy, Portugal and Uruguay.

The competition was won by the couple representative of Spain and formed by Juan Alberto Ramón Escalas and Juan Miguel Hernández having as outstanding characteristics the marked evolution in the level of general game and the spectacularity of the points played by players from all backgrounds.


Intercontinental Cup of Padbol Clubs “Canary Islands 2015”

The 1st edition of the “Intercontinental Cup of Padbol Clubs” took place in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria – Canary Islands, Spain – in November 2015.

The best Padbol clubs in the world competed and gave us a unique competition for their size and high level competitiveness. The local couple formed by Jesus Almeida and Jorge Belza were consecrated in a tournament that was part of clubs from 10 different countries among which the debuts of Switzerland, Brazil and Romania.


III Padbol World Cup “Uruguay 2016”

Between the 24th and the 27th of November 2016 the third edition of the Padbol World Cup was played, this time at the Municipal Campus of Maldonado – Punta del Este, Uruguay.

In this opportunity they took part of the biggest event of the year 11 different countries, for the first time it also had female modality and could be seen in HD by open television and through streaming online from any device in the world a professional coverage worthy of a level sport .


I Euro Cup “Romania 2017”

Between the 14th and the 17th of September 2017 the first edition of the Padbol European Cup took place, accompanying the growth of the sport in the old continent.

The tournament was held in Romania and had as historical first champion to Spain, in a competition that took part of that country, the host Romania and also France, Italy, Sweden, Portugal and the debutants Germany and Belgium.


I Copa America of Padbol “Brazil 2017”

The first edition of the biggest competition for American countries was held in San Pablo, Brazil, between November 24 and 26, 2017. The organization of Padbol Brazil had the participation of the best Futsal player in history, Alessandro Rosa Vieira, better known as “Falcão”.

On this occasion, representatives from Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina and Paraguay took part in the competition.

Argentina’s representative couple formed by Gonzalo Maidana, Tomi Labayen and Rodrigo Maidana – as a substitute player – was consecrated as the historic first champion of the American continent. For the next edition, the presences of Panama, Mexico, Chile, Bolivia, Ecuador, Puerto Rico and Peru are also confirmed.


Next: IV Padbol World Cup “Romania 2019”

After the great organization achieved by Padbol Romania during the European Cup, the International Federation has reiterated its support for this country to host the next World Cup, the fourth edition of the largest international competition in the sport.

The event will take place in August 2019 on the beaches of Mamaia, a tourist area on the shores of the Black Sea and an estimated participation of delegations from some 20 different countries.


Padbol in the training of footballers

Every day more footballers, individually or the clubs through their complete schools – professionals and formative – adopt the Padbol practice within their routine exercises.

– Develop technique, control and rapid resolution.
– In both sports the use of the same body parts is allowed.
– Encourages elongation.
– Help in motor coordination and increase of reflexes.
– Evolves the game technique with the head.
– It is an enjoyable and fun exercise for players.


Marketing and Publicity

Contrary to the little space that a Padbol court needs for its installation, it offers sponsors and sponsors interested in associating their brand with sports activities, innumerable possibilities due to the large number of adaptable places for the location of banners, plotted images, flags, posters , etc.

The excellent visibility that this type of installation has, plus the attractiveness and repercussion that this innovative and exciting sport generates in the general public, position it as an excellent opportunity to publicize a brand.





Message from Gustavo Miguens, creator of Padbol


“We still  have a long way to go. But it is becoming easier every day, joining our efforts to push PADBOL to its destiny… an internationally popular sport. We appreciate the support of the ones who believed in us, which helped from the beginning of this “impossible dream”; those who contributed with their ideas; those who just listened and gave us the energy to keep going”

Gustavo Miguens