PADBOL Deporte Fusión


After years of development started in 2008, Padbol was officially launched in late 2010 in Argentina. Fusion of popular sports such as soccer, tennis, volleyball and squash; this sport has rapidly gained support in different regions of the world in a vertiginous growth.

Padbol is a unique and fun sport. Its rules are simple, it is extremely dynamic, and and can be played by men and women of a wide age range in a fun and exciting way to practice a healthy sport.

Regardless of athletic level and experience, any person can play it and enjoy the many possibilities that this sport offers.

The ball bounces on the ground and lateral walls in many directions, which gives the game continuity and speed. The players may use most of their bodies for execution: feet, head, chest, and the entire legs.


Padbol has generated great expectations in a market that is eager for newness. Gustavo Miguens, the creator of this new fusion sport, talks about the company and its objectives.

Gustavo Miguens, creator of Padbol

“Padbol Internacional is a new and growing company that we established for the operation, administration, regulation, and expansion of Padbol worldwide.

Our objective is to popularize this fascinating sport both nationally and internationally in order to place it on the list of most popular and recognized sports.

Since our beginning we have received particular interest of many countries, counting today with Exclusive Licensees in 20 different countries.

We still have a long way to go. But it is becoming easier, because count with more and more to join us in our efforts to push Padbol to become … what it was born to be.

We appreciate the support of the ones who believed in us, which helped us to the realization of this “impossible dream”; those who contributed with their ideas; those who just listened and gave us the energy to keep going”.

Gustavo Miguens.


How do you play PADBOL?

To the practice of this exciting new sport are not necessary the use of accessories such as paddles, racquets, poles, snowshoes, helmets, etc. Only just one ball, similar to a soccer-football one but a little bit smaller, hand stitched and extra light, avoiding the inconvenience it may cause the use of the head that the game requires.

Health benefits

No age, weight, size, genre limits or previous skill required.

Playing Padbol, men and women – since the quadriceps and buttocks gets stronger with the intensive exercises of legs – will back to sports.

Padbol was created to be performed with minimal difficulty.

From this, is that we attended the launch of the physical activity more inclusive of the last 50 years.

Medical-Physiological Evaluation of Padbol

Completed the Medical-Physiological Evaluation of Padbol performed by Professor of Physical Education Julio Alberdin using GPS devices (Spy Pro) and and a heart rate meter placed individually to each player, and taking into account the rules of the sport looking to pass the ball to the other side of the net with the use of legs (in addition to body and head), but with games that can last between 1' to 3' according to the technical condition of the participants, the main energy system involved is the ATP / CP (System prevalent in Fast Twitch Explosive).

In the following video its showed the findings and results of those studies by the very prestigious Dr. Ruben Argemi, current medical physiologist of Club Atletico Boca Juniors of Argentina and CEO of CEMDDE (Specialized Center of Sports Medicine).