Padbol's Official Anthem -

As of January 1, 2021, the International Federation of Padbol Associates “FIPA” adopts an original and own anthem composed by Leo Gaspari and Dava Bursuk.

The Padbol Anthem will be used in international Padbol events, such as the Padbol World Cup, Padbol Euro Cup, Padbol America’s Cup and in all kinds of official competition events. Generally, the anthem will be played during the team and umpire entrance ceremony, after the FIPA flag enters the field of play.

Additionally, a fragment of the Padbol Anthem with some arrangements, will be used for the start, go to commercials and close the broadcasts of FIPA competitions.

Padbol Anthem Video:

“Padbol Anthem”
Music and performance by “POGO” (Leo Gaspari & Dava Bursuk)
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