A decade of Padbol -

In December 2010, punctually on the 22nd, Gustavo Miguens‘ dream was finally embodied, having inaugurated the first Padbol playing field in history. Gone were years of development, testing, effort and essentially an initial idea that would drive this creative path.

This playing field took place within the Paddle and Squash sector of the Estación Norte Sports Complex, a recognized sports center in the town of Ringuelet – La Plata, Argentina. Celebrities and interviews have visited these facilities in those first months, highlighting Alejandro Sabella, Walter Queijeiro, Telenoche, Fox Sports Latin America, Canchallena, Trans World Sport, etc.

Fundamental to its construction was the performance of the well-remembered Salvador Castiglione, who was a highly qualified builder specialized in metal structures. In fact, that first playing field is still in current use, although it has been moved into what is now La Meca Padbol Club, in the central area of ​​La Plata and bears the name of the beloved “Salva”.

The work of a group of players “Los Escorpiones” with whom they began to see the first skills and benefits of Padbol should also be emphasized.

Within the celebrations of this anniversary, the imminent launch of a new international field reserve APP, an absolute renewal of all the franchise manuals, an official line of Padbol clothing, the creation of an anthem for the competitions of the International Federation and the birth of the mascot of our sport among other things.

Many people, entrepreneurs, players, and sponsors have been a part of it throughout this first decade; each one of them contributing a lot so that today it is a sport played in more than 25 countries and in full swing.

We affectionately greet each and every one of them, the old, the new and those who are still part of it with a, as Rafa Príncipi from Mar del Plata – Argentina once said, Padbol hug!


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