Padbol Ambassador in Qatar

Rodrigo Maidana, from Argentina, will travel to the World Cup base to continue promoting all the features of the sports evolution. He will keep us up to date and will contribute his experience to enlarge the family of Padbol. Good luck, Rodri!

Some dreams are meant to be true. And more when it comes to living unique experiences combining passion and love. Rodrigo Maidana will travel along this path in the coming days, because he will land in Qatar to live the World Cup fever up close, but even more so to keep making the Padbol family much bigger through all his knowledge.

The sports evolution par excellence will be the main subject, because it will be at the service of the fans with the spectacular courts installed in different Qatari areas. Padbol will be there with courts in the Fan Zone, installed exclusively for this World Cup period, and in which all fans will be able to experience and enjoy the sports discipline.

The courts are located in the impressive Aspire Park area, where the first Padbol club was opened in such region and where the people from Qatar have enjoyed for a long time now all the passion of fusion sport. In addition, there are luxury hotels and the fabulous Khalifa stadium. There are also courts located in the Fan Zone of the city of Lusail, which will host the grand final of the World Cup on December 18 at the Iconic Stadium. And also, in the Fan Zone Cabine Village another ideal place and more than attractive for tourists, who will undoubtedly be fascinated with the possibility of playing Padbol daily regardless of the time, ages, genders or the flags of the countries for which they will cheer.

The representative from Argentina, brother of the current professional coach Gonzalo Maidana, will also be there. And Rodrigo himself, before getting on the plane, spoke exclusively with and shared all the feelings, details and emotions of what he will experience in that country, where he will also share with us all the information right away. He will participate in exhibitions, events, tournaments and he will provide his experience to teach all the aspects of this sport that we love so much.

-How are you feeling right now and what will the itinerary to Qatar be like?

-I’m really looking forward to being there. It’s going to be a long trip with stopovers in Europe, but then in Qatar everything will be concentrated in Doha, which is a fairly accessible city to get around. Then there is also the possibility of visiting the largest Padbol complex in the world, in Dubai.

What do you expect from this experience?

– The idea is to make the most of this opportunity. It is a unique experience and a challenge to be able to represent Padbol in the middle of a soccer World Cup and get to know a country so different from mine.

-What are your goals regarding Padbol in Qatar?

The goal is to enjoy playing and watching a lot of Padbol. In the Arab countries, the sport is more recent, but it will continue to grow faster and faster. It is a pleasure to be part of these events and I am grateful for the trust they have placed in me. With the massive number of people, Padbol is going to expand much more worldwide.

-Do you have everything ready? Do you know the places where the courts are located?

Several things were planned in advanced, but there is always room to improve some details. Doha is going to be crowded, I’m sure I’ll run into some familiar faces. The courts will be well distributed in the city, near stadiums or the Fan Zones.

-How are you going to experience the World Cup fever?

-As a soccer fan, I will be in the best place where you can be: experiencing the most important tournament, with fans from all over the world and of course, hoping the victories I want will come true.

-What does Padbol mean in your life and what wishes do you have for the future?

-I learnt about Padbol many years ago when there were just a handful of players or countries and it is amazing to have experienced the extraordinary progress it had. I was also able to travel, meet great people and places. For the future, I imagine more growth. It still has much more to give and more surprises.


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