Padbol Ambassador in Qatar

Padbol Ambassador in Qatar Rodrigo Maidana, from Argentina, will travel to the World Cup base to continue promoting all the features of the sports evolution. He will keep us up to date and will contribute his experience to enlarge the family of Padbol. Good luck, Rodri! Some dreams are meant to be true. And more when it comes to living unique experiences combining passion and love. Rodrigo Maidana will travel along this path in the coming days, because he will land in Qatar to live the World Cup fever up close, but even more so to keep making the Padbol…

by tomas quiño
November 23, 2022

Padbol, a great choice for improving growth and development!  

Padbol, a great choice for improving growth and development!   The children of the Fontsanta Fatjo club enjoyed a different day on the courts of Catalonia The projects for the development and training of the youngest are expanded day by day. There are no longer fundamentalist formulas for this, but new tools, training and activities are increasingly being incorporated to enhance the characteristics of the children. Padbol is a sport used by several institutions, as it is the sports evolution par excellence with many benefits.   On this matter, the coaches of the CD Fontsanta Fatjo of Catalonia went to the Promosportive…

by tomas quiño
November 10, 2022

Padbol News! 

Padbol News!  The sports evolution continues to be part of the main media around the world Currently, digital platforms handle information in the most dynamic and fastest way, with the display of images and texts that are spread in a matter of seconds. But there are still many people who continue to choose paper, radio and audiovisual files. That is why Padbol moves through all of them, because it is for everyone, and the news transcend wherever you watch it, read it and/or listen to it.  In addition to our channels of contact, the main media have promoted the spreading…

by tomas quiño
November 9, 2022

Looking good, Terrasa!  

Looking good, Terrasa!   The girls from Terrasa FC of Catalonia played Padbol on the courts of the Rubí club Spain and all its regions are practically synonymous with Padbol. Almost the entire territory is occupied by venues of the sports evolution, and more and more fans are choosing it as their favorite sport. But even the latter also happens with other sports, which resort to the courts between the window walls to complement the trainings.   That was the focus of the women’s team of Terrasa FC, from Catalonia, who went to the Club Rubí Padbol facilities to have an exclusive…

by tomas quiño
November 3, 2022

The first Professional Coach

The first Professional Coach Gonzalo Maidana, the historic Padbol player from Argentina, got the international title and marked a milestone in this sport. The bonding between Gonzalo Maidana and Padbol has been going on for a long time, almost since the sports evolution par excellence was born, because the Argentine player was one of the magnificent talents who came from this sport, and he has proven this year after year. As this is such a strong bond, it has just taken another step in the development and growth of both parties. The Argentinian crack player became the first International Padbol…

by tomas quiño
November 1, 2022

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