Padbol® finally has its Official Mascot and it is a friendly American Jaguar or Yaguareté who has been named Chivi.


Name’s origin: Its name is a derivative of the Chiví Guazú denomination, the way that the Guaraní culture calls this beautiful feline, the largest of the natives of the American continent.

Ecology: The “Panthera Onca” according to its taxonomic name is an endangered species  and that has been another reason for its choice as a Mascot.

It is greatly affected by human-generated deforestation and poaching.


We inform that Panthera Onca is a species included in Appendix I of CITES, so any form of international trade of this species or its parts is prohibited. Also, in most of the countries its hunting is also prohibited.

From the Padbol family we want to raise awareness and contribute so that this species can continue to inhabit our planet.


For those who wish to contribute to this invaluable species contact the Non-Profit Foundation “Red Yaguareté” through the following link:

Inspiration: It is an aesthetically very beautiful animal, but at the same time of great fierceness, a natural predator.

There is an equivalence with Padbol, a sport that is very visually attractive but is far from being pure “entertainment” but has all the characteristics of being competitive and passionate.