“La Scaloneta” made Padbol faster. 

Lionel Scaloni, Argentine national team coach, also played in the courts of our sport, together with Ariel Ibagaza and Juan Alberto Ramón

Padbol is so special that attracts champions, this is why the winners of the World Cup, the European Championship and of several international soccer tournaments played in our amazing courts. And in this regard, the leader of the Argentine team that won the 2021 “Copa América” could not be absent. 

Lionel Scaloni, national coach of Argentina, enjoyed this sport together with the main model of the fusion sport Juan Alberto Ramón, and with the talented Argentine midfielder from Lanús, Ariel “Caño” Ibagaza, with whom he shared the glass court during his stay in Majorca. 

A whole country like Argentina was infected by the great performance of the Argentine team, champion of America and undefeated until the World Cup in Qatar, for which they give “La Scaloneta” nickname to the team in tribute to Scaloni himself, who at the time stood out as a footballer, then as a coach and now also… in Padbol? Let’s hope so. You are always welcome, Lionel! 

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