Padbol, the sport created in Argentina that grows worldwide is currently positioned as the most important sports Startup of all times.

“It has a projection impossible to imagine” says Gustavo Miguens – creator and current CEO of Padbol Internacional – an expression that is shared by several companies and investors who dream of participating in this innovative and exclusive Sports Business Concept.

“Padbol is not only the sale of a franchise or license – Miguens comments – Padbol is more than that, it is a concept, a way of putting together multidisciplinary teams with different visions and idiosyncrasies like those that may exist today among an entrepreneur / investor from Israel and another from Argentina and that they work well ”.

Padbol, the sports evolution


“We apply simple criteria to minimize these differences and ensure that everyone receives their benefits” comments Nicolás Renedo – General Manager of the International Area – and expands “if they follow the rules of dissemination, promotion, organization of tournaments and customer service that we advise, it is impossible that it does not work”.

“I estimate that in the not too distant future there will be Padbol playing fields everywhere in the world, its presence in sports clubs and institutions will become indispensable” concludes Miguens.

Padbol is highly taken into account by the media around the world, sports coverage has been carried out in many of the most popular networks in large countries, and the audience that participates in international televisions via streaming is increasing. “For now – clarifies Renedo – we know that in a very short time it will also be very attractive for sports broadcasting channels, something that will happen very soon”

From the beginning it was so, both MARCA and AS – the main sports media in Spain – sent their correspondents to the first Padbol World Cup held in 2013 in the city of La Plata, capital of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, place of origin of the “creator” and his sport.


Zlatan Ibrahimović jugando Padbol en sus propias instalaciones


The list also includes TV Azteca, Fox Sports Latin America, ESPN, Globo TV, Televisión Española, newspapers and TV from each of the countries where Padbol has a presence, so much so that Trans World Sport – an important English media with worldwide reach specialized in sports – went to the city of La Plata to make a report on Padbol and its rapid “viralization” around the world, a situation that no longer amazes those involved in this project that has already come true.

The success that it has obtained in these first 12 years of development from the idea, just ten years from the first installation, clarify from Padbol Internacional – company that owns all rights -, make it an attractive product for large, medium and small investors.

The installation of Padbol courts is already considered an excellent business opportunity, it has virtues that make it a safe and simple option when choosing what to do with the money that we want to use to improve our economy without complicating it, with the In addition to working in a very healthy environment and supported by an international chain of mutual cooperation that connects its protagonists to interact and share all their experiences, a great advantage.


What is Padbol?

The nickname of “fusion sport” has earned him for mixing characteristics and merged rules of other sports such as soccer, tennis, paddle tennis, squash and volleyball. It is practiced with a soccer-like ball and in pairs – 2 against 2 – on a 60 m2 playing field that is divided in the middle by a 1 meter high network and is limited by glass walls.

Internationals Competitions:

3 World Cups, 2 Copa América, 1 Euro Cup, 1 Intercontinental Club Cup and the annual European Tour have already been developed.

To learn more about Padbol you can visit his

Web Site  Instagram @padbol.internacional Facebook @padbol.fusionsport

So? Why not Padbol?


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