Juan Alberto Ramón and Juanmi Hernández revalidated their title of Spanish Champions of the Gold Category in the tournament that was held at the facilities of the club Padbol Mallorca ONE in Son Rossinyol, which had the main sponsorship of Nissan Nigorra Baleares.

“Juanal” and “Juanmi”, who defeated Fran Santiago and Javier Asensio in the final, will represent Spain in the IV Padbol World Cup “Romania 2019”. It should be noted that the champions had a very tough semifinal too, as they measured another of the best couples in the world, Pep Suau and Migue Barceló.

Carlos Ruiz and Javier Garcés have been proclaimed winners in the National Championship of Silver Category defeating in the final the couple formed by Joaquín Amaya and José Pedraza. Curiously, both duos had shared a group in the first phase of the tournament.


Super partido Padbol 2018

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