Padbol among soccer and beaches  

The professional team of Mallorca RCD changed their traditional practice and ventured into this sports discipline, as many other teams already did. 

RCD Mallorca & Padbol
In recent years, the amazing beaches of Mallorca have ceased to be the only attraction for local people and tourists, because the fantastic island immersed in the Mediterranean Sea continues to change with the times to such an extent that it has added, among other activities, a series of Padbol courts that are a sensation. That is why even the professional soccer teams of RCD Mallorca joined the fusion sport of the future. 

The squad of the first team went to the fields of La Pezera Fit Point, where there are five Padbol courts, and developed a series of training sessions in that place, keeping the players active and very entertained with the game. Thus, the coaches and trainers changed the plans for that time and took the opportunity to a practice different from the one they were used to. 

For a few years now, Padbol has been a strong part of Spain, and Mallorca is one of the venues where the sport continues to grow, to the point that the locals, tourists and even soccer clubs already play it.  

In this way, the organization that plays in the First Division of the Spanish League became another of the many clubs that have enjoyed the energy, training and fun that Padbol brings, just as RB Betis, Cádiz FC have already done it, and Xerez DFC, among others. 

If you are in the Balearic Islands, don’t miss this fun opportunity, come and play. To motivate you, we want to show you some videos of the RCD Mallorca team. 

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