Padbol TV

The official Padbol channel has everything you need to know: from the best moments, interviews, music, venues and even a must-see series with 13 episodes. Join us! 

Padbol TV: Capitulo 1
We are all connected and the world of Padbol is no exception. We have all kinds of means of communication so that you can be part of this family wherever you are. And that is why, being in the modern world of digital platforms, we have what you need to have fun outside the courts: Padbol TV 

Whether from a computer, tablet or smartphone, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel and have access to everything you are looking for to have fun and stay up to date with the sport of evolution.  

There you will be able to see the best of the Padbol world: you will find interviews with players, licensees, international soccer players and renowned businessmen; you will also have the most spectacular plays we have seen on the courts; in addition, the main tournaments played throughout the world are uploaded, whether they are world championships, international championships, European Championships or America Cups, there will be videos with top-level soccer players who play this sport; and you can even enjoy Chivi (our official mascot) and music with Padbol rock and the official Padbol anthem. But, as if that weren’t enough, we have an amazing show of 13 episodes that you can also watch. 

Haven’t you seen the Padbol TV series yet? What are you waiting for? Don’t waste any more time looking for which movie or documentary to watch and watch these spectacular episodes. You will surely have a good time with all the items that we mentioned in the previous paragraph. Here are the links so that you can subscribe to watch this exciting series. 

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