Sebastian Sanroman and Eddy Bueno, experienced duo representing Uruguay, have managed to be crowned as the new Padbol monarchs in the American continent in the II Edition of this tournament held at Mecca Padbol Club in La Plata, Argentina.

The final match faced the 2 candidates in the pre-contest, faced the Uruguayans with the Argentina of Tomi Labayen and Gonza Maidana, reliving the final of Sorocaba 2017. The difference has been that this time the glory remained for the representatives of ” la celeste “who in this way has taken revenge and will hold this title until the next edition, to be played in 2021.

About the tournament in general, it can be summed up in great sensations since more countries took part and the quality of the general game has been very high.

The third place was also for Argentina, in the hands of Lucas Vaioli and Ramiro Pasquet who defeated Bolivia in the match for third place, the most pleasant surprise of the Cup with Colombia. The MVP award, voted by representatives of all countries, went to the Uruguayan Eddy Bueno and the “Revelation Player” to the Bolivian.


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