Padbol advances in its international expansion and development without slowing down. In this occasion we are proud to report that Chile is the new destination of the “fusion sport”, a new country in the South American, region where Argentina – the country where the sport was born – Uruguay, Brazil, Paraguay, Bolivia and Ecuador are already part.

The management will be carried out exclusively on a national scale by a company led by Patricio Maspes and Claudio “El Bichi” Borghi – former soccer player and coach of renowned international career, which highlights milestones as his participation as a player in the Argentina National Team who was crowned World Champion in Mexico 1986 and the Tetra Championship obtained in 2007 with Colo Colo, period for which he was recognized as the best coach in South America.

Link to Wikipedia profile of Claudio Borghi

Both Maspes and Borghi traveled to Argentina to meet with Gustavo Miguens – President of Padbol Internacional -, make the signatures of the agreement and also enjoy playing some Padbol matches, where Borghi made it clear that his wonderful technique is still alive.

“Bichi” Borghi paying a Padbol match.


It is expected that very soon – it is estimated for April – the first facilities will be available and the official launch will be made in the city of Santiago. On the other hand, it has already begun the selection of local players to ensure the participation of Chile in the IV World Cup of Padbol to be held in August of this year in Romania.


The whole Padbol family embraces Chile and welcomes it with great enthusiasm.

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