The leadership team of the new management that will carry out the development of Padbol throughout Spain has been presented.

It will be headed by Francisco Javier López Bartomeu, as founding partner and sports director; Antonio Rondo Polo, as founding partner and commercial director; José María López de Silva, as founding partner; and Begoña Calderón as general director.

Along with them, a series of collaborating companies have already joined this project, which was born with the intention of making Padbol one of the reference sports in all sports facilities in the country and professional football clubs. These people who join Padbol España as collaborators are Rafa Fuentes, as a creative designer; Teresa Toscano, as an expert in Events and Protocol; José Luis Pérez, as tax, labor and accounting advisor, from the Gatea consultancy; Francisco Javier Muñoz, as legal advisor, belonging to the Gaudia company; and Manu Suero, in communication with his Comunicatura company.

This team is the one that integrates the new Padbol Spain project and will have its headquarters in Huelva capital. From here, its business will spread throughout the national territory, where it already has a presence in multiple provinces. “The idea is to reach all municipalities, so that this sport is recognized by citizens”, has indicated its founding partner, Fco. Javier Bartomeu. For this, all interested businessmen will be provided with the procedures, to speed up the start-up of a track where it is required.

Original Source Huelva24

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