Once again Spain won the world title of the World Padbol in masculine mode and thus it is possible to speak of a dynasty. This time the tournament went from start to finish much more balanced at the level of its participants than it was its 2 previous editions, thus having the notable Hispanic players who strive to the extreme to achieve the objective.

For the second time the same pair was the winner, formed by the wonderful Juanal Ramon Escalas and Juanmi Hernández, this time also accompanied by Miguel Angel Barceló – for many attendees the Spaniard of better performance during this competition -.

This time the brilliance and the geniuses were also accompanied by the tactics and the passion of true Champions. Undoubtedly the greatest title of our sport will rest in the right hands the next 2 years.

All results and statistics can be seen in the following link: III Padbol World Cup

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