The Copa América of Padbol live!

  November 15th, 2019    November 16th, 2019  

by Juan
November 16, 2019

European Padbol Tour: Romania

The European Padbol Tour is a competition that every year visits all the venues of the old continent, accompanying the passion that Padbol generates. We share a video created during his stage at Romania.

by Juan
October 23, 2019

Highlights Final Spain Padbol Tour Lebrija

Summary of the best moments of an exciting final in Padbol Lebrija (Spain). Thanks to Padbol Madrid for the video.    

by Juan
August 23, 2019

The European Padbol Tour starts in France

The European Padbol Tour - EPT - is founded to create competition between clubs and players from different  european countries. This competition will develop the sport in its quality, visibility and credibility. Every year the European Padbol Tour has to be extended with more countries, more tournaments and more players. The EPT organises 4 official tournaments in 2019. The tournaments take place every three months, starting in June. FRENCH OPEN 08-09 JUNE 2019 ROMANIAN OPEN 31 AUGUST-1 SEPTEMBER 2019 PORTUGAL OPEN 19-20 OCTOBER 2019 BELGIUM OPEN 7-8 DECEMBER 2019  

by Juan
May 7, 2019

Huelva hosts the National Padbol Championship in Spain

It will be held in the Plaza de las Monjas on September 27 and 28.   The Plaza de las Monjas de Huelva will host the National Padbol Championship on September 27 and 28. It will be the first edition that this competition is held outdoors and in the center of a city, so a large influx of public is expected. "The emblematic location and the coincidence in dates with the III Sports Fair presage that the National Padbol Championship 2019 will be the most successful of those held to date," says Begoña Calderón, general director of Padbol Spain, a…

by Juan
February 22, 2019

Quito Padbol Tour

Continuing with the development of Padbol in Ecuadorian lands, the new dates of the Quito Padbol Tour are confirmed, a competition that takes place in stages, attracting the best players of the city of Quito. The competition is developed at the facilities of  La Pradera (La Pradera MegaPlaza on Av. Republic, between Av. Eloy Alfaro and Pradera). The Quito Padbol Tour distributes valuable points for the Ecuadorian ranking and also various prizes. As indicated by the Ecuadorian National Representative of Padbol Julio Moreno "This Tour generates a competitive growth that is reflected in the constant increase in the level of…

by Juan
January 1, 2019

Wonderful Spanish National Padbol 2018

Juan Alberto Ramón and Juanmi Hernández revalidated their title of Spanish Champions of the Gold Category in the tournament that was held at the facilities of the club Padbol Mallorca ONE in Son Rossinyol, which had the main sponsorship of Nissan Nigorra Baleares. "Juanal" and "Juanmi", who defeated Fran Santiago and Javier Asensio in the final, will represent Spain in the IV Padbol World Cup "Romania 2019". It should be noted that the champions had a very tough semifinal too, as they measured another of the best couples in the world, Pep Suau and Migue Barceló. Carlos Ruiz and Javier Garcés have…

by Juan
July 26, 2018

Argentina Champion of the Copa América Padbol!

The Argentine team made up of Gonzalo Maidana - distinguished as MVP of the competition - Tomás Labayen and Rodrigo Maidana were crowned Champion of the first edition of the Copa América de Padbol "Brazil 2017", an event in which pairs from Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay also participated. . Played in the fantastic Clube de Campo de Sorocaba (São Paulo, Brazil), the tournament had a very good general level and an exciting final between Argentina and Uruguay that was to "rent balconies". Finally, the scoreboard ruled that Argentina prevailed over the N1 couple from Uruguay - composed of Eddy Bueno…

by Juan
November 27, 2017

Copa América live!

Streaming Online of Copa América de Padbol: Group matches, Third Place and the Final Match First day   Second day   Semi Finals and Final

by Juan
November 27, 2017

Padbol Euro Cup: Live broadcast

  Día 4: Semi Finals & Final   Day 3   Day 2   Day 1: Group matches

by Juan
September 14, 2017