More and more academies around the world teach children to play this sport

There is no age to play Padbol. For some people is about training; for others, it is a competitive sport. But the magic that the discipline has is also taught from a young age, since there are currently many countries that have training academies. 

Padbol is in different parts of the world where more and more fans play it. And among them are children, regardless of age or gender, who attend training schools to learn to play it. This is how they incorporate movements, perfect their touches, foster friendships and build their values. 

So much so that there are several venues, such as the United Arab Emirates, Spain, Italy and Israel, among others, that offer the possibility for the youngest to play Padbol, just as older people do in the innumerable venues that we have distributed around the planet.  

As for the most important clubs in Europe, they have also incorporated this idea and resorted to Padbol so that children in the lower categories can embrace everything that fusion sport has to offer. Manchester City is one of the examples. 

In short, boys, girls, men, women and even elderly people continue to enjoy and discover the love for Padbol, which day after day enlarges its family. 

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