Padbol as a lifestyle 

Fabio Argiolas, the first licensee in Italy and champion of his country in 2021, spoke exclusively with and shared his feelings, wishes for the future and everything that this evolutionary sport means.  

Those of us who are a part of Padbol know that it goes beyond being the evolutionary sport par excellence, because we are a family that is continually growing and builds values daily in all parts of the world. Fabio Argiolas is part of this community and stands out both on and off the field, being an inspiration in the sport at an international level. 

Fabio was the first licensee in Italy, where he installed three courts at the Polideportivo Ferrini Cagliari almost three years ago. Likewise, he was the Italian national champion in 2021 and the runner-up this year, as in the Nations Cup played in Austria.  

At 41 years old, the Padbol and soccer player keeps the competitive flame alive and he emphasized it exclusively with, he talked about what this sport means to him, from the business to his lifestyle linked to healthy sport. He even has big dreams for the future. 


-How did you know you were a fan of Padbol?
-We watched a video about Padbol on social media by chance and we decided to set the fields in Ferrini Cagliari. We were the first to do this in Italy. Day after day, and game after game, I loved this sport more and more, because it is a very dynamic and fun game. 

-What was your best moment playing Padbol?
-Definitely when we became the first Italian champions in 2021 together with my teammate, Alessandro Bonu. 

-What are you doing now, and what plans do you have for the future?
-Together with many guys we are trying to make this sport grow more and more in Italy; we are doing it very well, organizing a lot of events, and we have received great feedback from athletes, the public and sponsors. Now our goal is to create even bigger events at the international level and to improve more the Italian tournaments each time. 

-What are your best shots?
-On the Padbol court I play on the left side and I really like the volley. 

-What countries would you like to visit with this sport?
-My wish for the future is to organize a world championship in Italy, in Cagliari, with all the countries of the world and their best athletes. 

-What is your advice for the people who want to start playing Padbol?
-I advise everyone to try to start by playing 3-4 games, because after learning how to play Padbol, it’s great, it’s too much fun. Then a healthy environment of friendship and respect is created. These are the true values of sport. 

-Are you proud to be the first to lead the Padbol project in Italy? 

-For sure, yes! This is a sport that has a wide margin of growth. It is extremely fun, dynamic and easy to play. What I like the most is having children and people aged 60 years and older in our courts. 

-Do you have any advice for the youngest?
-A lot of children and teenagers love to play soccer. That’s why I also say they have to play Padbol. In doing so, they are going to improve their technique, their coordination, teammate collaboration, the speed of thought, and the respect for the rules and their opponents. 

-What place does Padbol have in your life?
-Padbol for me, besides being an investment, is also a way to continue practicing sports. I have always played soccer, now I am 40 years old and I am about to stop playing. And Padbol allows me to keep practicing a healthy sport and to have fun. There are also tournament competitions that keep the competitive part of each athlete alive. I believe that Padbol can grow a lot, with my collaborators we are working hard to increase the movement. I am sure it will be a success. 

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