Brazil’s ILIMIT school promotes sports with the inauguration of its Padbol court

Brazil's ILIMIT school promotes sports with the inauguration of its Padbol court Sport continues to grow in Brazil, and this time, it reaches elementary schools with the inauguration of the first Padbol court at the ILIMIT school. The opening of this new sports facility, which will undoubtedly have a great impact on the educational community, took place on April 27 at 7 pm. Padbol is a sport that combines soccer and Padbol which makes it a very fun and exciting activity for the children. With this new court, ILIMIT school students will be able to enjoy this sport in their…

by Juan
May 3, 2023

Bolivia resorts to the sources 

Bolivia resorts to the sources  Padbol in Bolivian lands is a sensation; huge complex and visits from the team  South America is the cradle of Padbol, and the roots continue to spread throughout the Continent. One of the largest venues in this part of the planisphere is in Bolivia, more precisely in Santa Cruz de la Sierra.  The Clockwork Orange Padbol Club was a pioneer in height in the region with an installation of six spectacular outdoor courts in the middle of a residential neighborhood. And from the moment this amazing sport arrived is there to stay, because day by…

by Juan
December 12, 2022

Wonderful, Deco! 

Wonderful, Deco!  The Portuguese star went to our courts and showed all his talent playing Padbol Many soccer players and former soccer players left their mark on the Padbol courts distributed throughout the world. But there is one country that has a great repertoire of talented players who have become overly enthusiastic about the sports evolution: Portugal.  The Lusitanians strengthen their passion from the first moment, to the point that several international stars focused their attention in the twirls and fun that the sport has. This is how Raúl Meireles, Petit, José Bosingwa and Éder surrendered to Padbol.  However, and…

by Juan
December 7, 2022

4 million views! 

4 million views!  Padbol ruled social media with a fantastic play in United Arab Emirates News travels fast. We have up-to-the-minute news and the different digital media allow us all to be connected. But we all choose what we want to see according to our tastes and preferences. And without a doubt, the Padbol community is in line with this, because day after day this community brings freshness to everything that surrounds it on social media.   This time, a play in the amazing United Arab Emirates was responsible for generating a smash hit in that technological world, where a…

by Juan
December 6, 2022

Silvestre invites you to play Padbol! 

Silvestre invites you to play Padbol!  The former Manchester United and France National Team showed his talent together with other athletes in Dubai and left a message for the community   Many professional soccer players once they retired, look for a way to remain active no matter the sport. And that is why it is obvious that most are enthusiastic about Padbol, the fusion sport par excellence that caught the attention of an extensive list of people.  On this occasion, Michael Silvestre went to the fabulous Dubai complex. The French international player, who left a mark at Manchester United, Inter,…

by Juan
December 2, 2022

Padbol, a great choice for improving growth and development!  

Padbol, a great choice for improving growth and development!   The children of the Fontsanta Fatjo club enjoyed a different day on the courts of Catalonia The projects for the development and training of the youngest are expanded day by day. There are no longer fundamentalist formulas for this, but new tools, training and activities are increasingly being incorporated to enhance the characteristics of the children. Padbol is a sport used by several institutions, as it is the sports evolution par excellence with many benefits.   On this matter, the coaches of the CD Fontsanta Fatjo of Catalonia went to the Promosportive…

by Juan
November 10, 2022

Padbol News! 

Padbol News!  The sports evolution continues to be part of the main media around the world Currently, digital platforms handle information in the most dynamic and fastest way, with the display of images and texts that are spread in a matter of seconds. But there are still many people who continue to choose paper, radio and audiovisual files. That is why Padbol moves through all of them, because it is for everyone, and the news transcend wherever you watch it, read it and/or listen to it.  In addition to our channels of contact, the main media have promoted the spreading…

by Juan
November 9, 2022

Looking good, Terrasa!  

Looking good, Terrasa!   The girls from Terrasa FC of Catalonia played Padbol on the courts of the Rubí club Spain and all its regions are practically synonymous with Padbol. Almost the entire territory is occupied by venues of the sports evolution, and more and more fans are choosing it as their favorite sport. But even the latter also happens with other sports, which resort to the courts between the window walls to complement the trainings.   That was the focus of the women’s team of Terrasa FC, from Catalonia, who went to the Club Rubí Padbol facilities to have an exclusive…

by Juan
November 3, 2022

The first Professional Coach

The first Professional Coach Gonzalo Maidana, the historic Padbol player from Argentina, got the international title and marked a milestone in this sport. The bonding between Gonzalo Maidana and Padbol has been going on for a long time, almost since the sports evolution par excellence was born, because the Argentine player was one of the magnificent talents who came from this sport, and he has proven this year after year. As this is such a strong bond, it has just taken another step in the development and growth of both parties. The Argentinian crack player became the first International Padbol…

by Juan
November 1, 2022

Calcio Padbol 

Calcio Padbol  Fabio Argiolas played with Luca Cepittelli and Marco Sau, professional footballers from Italy The ball makes people come together, but Padbol unites people a lot more. And that happens in different parts of the world, such as Italy, where several professional soccer players choose the entertainment of the sports evolution to train, and above all, share good times.  Fabio Argiolas, the first Padbol licensee in Italy, invited the players Luca Cepittelli and Marco Sau, who played last season at Cagliari and Benevento, respectively, to play Padbol, and they enjoyed a great afternoon with friends at the facilities of…

by Juan
November 1, 2022