Padbol with decorations 

Padbol with decorations  The biggest complexes in the world have a unique style because of their decoration: soccer legends, Chivi, phrases, and much more. Let’s take a look! Each branch or country has a personal mark. That’s why the surroundings of Padbol courts have different features and decorations for everyone visiting the premises to enjoy, both as players or as audience. So, now we are going to show you a different tour of the courts located around the world.    There are a lot of franchises with their outdoor facilities, but those which are indoors have a unique style with…

by tomas quiño
October 7, 2022

Padbol in United Arab Emirates 

Padbol in United Arab Emirates  The under 16 and under 18 teams of Gulf United FC had fun training in a different way on the courts of Dubai  Training methodologies are constantly undergoing changes. Some keep the old formulas; others adapt to new technologies, but there are also many that unify criteria and sports, and apply different models to improve the capabilities of their trainees. And currently, Padbol has been one of the most popular activities chosen by soccer clubs, especially the smallest ones.  The benefits offered by the sports evolution have been fundamental for many coaches and physical trainers…

by tomas quiño
October 5, 2022

Israel is waiting for the upcoming new championship 

Israel is waiting for the upcoming new championship  Tel Aviv will be the epicenter of a spectacular Padbol tournament  Three years ago, Padbol arrived in Israel and it’s not going anywhere as the love for this sport continuous strongly growing. This is why every time a top-level championship is organized, everyone wants to be a part of it.  As last year, Tel Aviv will be once again the branch of an amazing competition with the best top players of the sport. The big 2022 tournament in said country, will take place in the complex with four fantastic Padbol fields which…

by tomas quiño
October 2, 2022

The game of the year 

The game of the year United Arab Emirates and Qatar will compete for the biggest event of 2022 Padbol family will once more connect different countries to magnify the values, competitiveness and loyalty that it represents. So much so, that the Emirates PadPro company is organizing what will be the “Match of the Year”, which will be played by the UAE against Qatar.  The most spectacular Padbol complex in the world, located in Dubai, with seven courts, promises to be the branch of the big date, where these new franchises of this sports evolution will be tested.  The best players…

by tomas quiño
September 29, 2022

Padbol Rubí made a big impact in Granada

Padbol Rubí made a big impact in Granada Iniesta and Trujillo won this weekend Padbol Pro Tournament The third qualifying round tournament of the Spanish Pro Padbol Circuit was held with the amazing presence of Chivi, and important players of this sport. Iñaki Iniesta Vicent and Fran Trujillo won the trophy. The Ogíjares complex in the city of Granada was the epicenter of a spectacular competition, which had three intense days with the best scores that the sport can offer in that country, as well as a large audience, bar, food and other activities. There, the Padbol Rubí team dominated…

by tomas quiño
September 27, 2022

Padbol is all about solidarity 

Padbol is all about solidarity   Our fusion sport organized an event to benefit everyone. Here, children with unique needs were able to live the amazing experience of playing Padbol. One of the main characteristics of Padbol is inclusion. Everyone can play it, regardless of their differences. We always say that the sports evolution is open for children, adults and the elderly, without considering their gender, age or their physical capabilities, because inside the crystal walls, everyone enojys this awesome passion.  Padbol family consolidates its loyalty by inviting all those who want to join us. This is why, we also opened…

by tomas quiño
September 26, 2022

Padbol as a lifestyle 

Padbol as a lifestyle  Fabio Argiolas, the first licensee in Italy and champion of his country in 2021, spoke exclusively with and shared his feelings, wishes for the future and everything that this evolutionary sport means.   Those of us who are a part of Padbol know that it goes beyond being the evolutionary sport par excellence, because we are a family that is continually growing and builds values daily in all parts of the world. Fabio Argiolas is part of this community and stands out both on and off the field, being an inspiration in the sport at…

by tomas quiño
September 20, 2022

Padbol gained ground in the Barca 

Padbol gained ground in the Barca  The FC Barcelona Players Association added this sport for all its members.  One of the biggest clubs in the world is also a new fan of Padbol. Taking advantage of the sensation generated by the sport in Spain, and its promotion since the COVID-19 pandemic started, fusion sport settled in the land of Leo Messi.  The Barcelona Players Association turned to Padbol since last year as a new sport for its members. All the features that surround Padbol were fundamental for it to gain ground among the members: “it is safe, stimulating, fun, and…

by tomas quiño
September 19, 2022

Padbol with an air of womanhood 

Padbol with an air of womanhood  Begoña Calderón and Elisabeta Gherghisan are the main exponents of the brand in several European countries. They are in charge with a different point of view  We always say that Padbol is all about family, and that there is no gender and no age to play it, and outside the courts it is the same. The community has licensees of different sexes and cultures around the world, and among them two women stand out, they took Padbol to the top: Begoña Calderón and Elisabeta Gherghisan.     To talk about them is to talk about Padbol.…

by tomas quiño
September 16, 2022

Why children choose to play Padbol? 

Why children choose to play Padbol?   The sport of the future has a series of benefits that make it one of the most complete sports in the world  Every day more and more children play Padbol. It had an exponential growth in different continents, and the enthusiasm to play it is advancing by leaps and bounds. That’s why so many children choose to join the fusion sport par excellence.   Why is choosing Padbol a great idea? This sport combines several factors which make it unique: from motor skills to the values it instills. This is why from an early age…

by tomas quiño
September 15, 2022

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