The couple formed by Anemaria Gherghel and Flory Chiar became the first historic World Champion of Padbol in a female modality.


Their rivals tried everything, some like the Spanish couple in the final got to annoy them to the point of winning a set, but finally the offensive artillery with which the Romanian couple prevailed in each of the 6 matches played on their way to the glory.

Flory always found a way to prepare, with a refined technique, the exact ball for Anemaria. She also volleys a lot and with high effectiveness, and it was noticed a remarkable evolution in her defensive play with the use of the walls during the match.

Anemaria, awarded MVP of the competition, closed the last point of the 1st edition of the World Cup of Padbol women’s modality with a tremendous volley, as she did hundreds of times during its 6 matches, becoming in this way part of the history of our sport.

All the results and statistics of the tournament can be seen in this link: Padbol World Cup Uruguay 2016 (women)

The whole Padbol family and their followers greet our Champions proudly and congratulate Padbol Romania and Elisabeta Gherghisan for such remarkable achievement.


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