As in Romania, more and more girls choose Padbol

One day it is in South America; another, in the Middle East; but hours later the passion for Padbol stands out in Europe. It’s like this: the passion for the sports evolution is growing by leaps and bounds everywhere regardless of gender or age. That is why it is not surprising that more and more women are choosing it as their favorite game. 

Now the ones who got noticed were the Romanian girls, who had fun playing Padbol during a beautiful day organized in Bucharest, where the #BeActive program was carried out for the European Week of Sport. 

Several activities were developed at the Lia Manoliu National Sports Complex, among which the fusion sport discipline par excellence stood out, with the presence of the official licensee of Padbol in Romania, Elisabeta Gherghisan, and the participation of all of the players, who had fun, played, talked and loved Padbol. 

As expected, all of them posed for the cameras and recorded their beauty and the pleasant moment lived between the window walls, being the main protagonists of the event. As happened with the Romanian girls, and in many other places on the planet, Padbol has been one of the main choices to train, compete and have fun. And you: what are you waiting for to join us? 

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