A unique experience! Bichi Borghi teaches you to play Padbol 

Claudio Borghi, the talented former player and current coach, joined Padbol and shared his knowledge  

Padbol Chile - Video Promocional Claudio "Bichi" Borghi

There are soccer players who stand out for their talent, their goals or for some other particular reason throughout their career. And Claudio Borghi has a bit of all that, because today he is a great technical director, but he was also a spectacular player who even left a special signature move: his rabona. That’s why people always considered “el Bichi” as one of their favorite players, mainly in Argentina and Chile. 

The trajectory of the goal scorer had its maximum peaks in Argentina, Italy and Chile, among many countries. In fact, he was world champion with the albiceleste in Mexico 1986 together with Diego Maradona. He was also part of the AC Milan of Van Basten, Rijkaard, Gullit and company. Currently he does not play his role as a coach, but you can always see his teachings, as happened with Padbol. 

El Bichi became a fan of fusion sport and started giving classes on talent, hits, and techniques, being part of different presentations and tournaments, especially in Mi Club La Reina, in Santiago de Chile, where he showed his knowledge and fanaticism for the fusion sport. 

Borghi, who was Chile’s coach for the 2014 World Cup, is a sacred word in trans-Andean lands and everyone was amazed at his teachings among the crystals. Hopefully they have learnt and acquired that fanaticism and the advices that such a crack player provided. If there is a photo, there is a video. Check them out: 

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