Bolivia resorts to the sources 

Padbol in Bolivian lands is a sensation; huge complex and visits from the team 

South America is the cradle of Padbol, and the roots continue to spread throughout the Continent. One of the largest venues in this part of the planisphere is in Bolivia, more precisely in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. 

The Clockwork Orange Padbol Club was a pioneer in height in the region with an installation of six spectacular outdoor courts in the middle of a residential neighborhood. And from the moment this amazing sport arrived is there to stay, because day by day that passion for fusion sports continues to be built. 

Bolivia always resorted to sources and that is why it promoted its advertising through the media, digital platforms, and also with certain renowned invitations. For example, the under-17 soccer team went for the first time to the courts to enjoy a beautiful day of Padbol, which generated a positive impact on the audience and the followers, who then ventured into this sports discipline. 

Bolivia is another faithful country of the Padbol community, which participated in Copa Americas and continues to represent us legally and officially throughout the world. 

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