Wonderful, Deco! 

The Portuguese star went to our courts and showed all his talent playing Padbol

Many soccer players and former soccer players left their mark on the Padbol courts distributed throughout the world. But there is one country that has a great repertoire of talented players who have become overly enthusiastic about the sports evolution: Portugal. 

The Lusitanians strengthen their passion from the first moment, to the point that several international stars focused their attention in the twirls and fun that the sport has. This is how Raúl Meireles, Petit, José Bosingwa and Éder surrendered to Padbol. 

However, and beyond the fact that the list is long, there was another Portuguese star who also left his magical games with the ball at the Breathe Soccer Soul in Porto, where a national tournament was held with several celebrities. And that was Anderson Luis de Souza himself, better known as Deco. 

The former player of Porto FC, Benfica, Barcelona, Chelsea and the Portuguese national team, among others, accepted the challenge and had a great time with all his friends and former colleagues to record some very special days of the best Padbol on the planet, which were full of talent and magic moments on the court. 

In fact, that was not the only time he played Padbol, because the star had already gone to the Leca da Palmeira complex in Porto before to play it. Here is the video with some moments for you to enjoy. Wonderful, Deco! 


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