Calcio Padbol 

Fabio Argiolas played with Luca Cepittelli and Marco Sau, professional footballers from Italy

The ball makes people come together, but Padbol unites people a lot more. And that happens in different parts of the world, such as Italy, where several professional soccer players choose the entertainment of the sports evolution to train, and above all, share good times. 

Fabio Argiolas, the first Padbol licensee in Italy, invited the players Luca Cepittelli and Marco Sau, who played last season at Cagliari and Benevento, respectively, to play Padbol, and they enjoyed a great afternoon with friends at the facilities of the Padbol Ferrini Cagliari complex. 

Their friendship dates back to their soccer days, but this time these friends were together on a Padbol court. Here they showed their talent and their competitive spirit, they also share a laugh and took photos in a relaxed day. 

Currently, both Cepittelli and Sau aren’t part of a team, but they stay in shape taking advantage of the benefits that the discipline provides. However, like so many others, they joined the enthusiasm generated by playing between the window walls, and exerted themselves on each point as if it were just another game in the Italian championship. 

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