The first Professional Coach

Gonzalo Maidana, the historic Padbol player from Argentina, got the international title and marked a milestone in this sport.

The bonding between Gonzalo Maidana and Padbol has been going on for a long time, almost since the sports evolution par excellence was born, because the Argentine player was one of the magnificent talents who came from this sport, and he has proven this year after year. As this is such a strong bond, it has just taken another step in the development and growth of both parties.

The Argentinian crack player became the first International Padbol Professional Coach, with an impeccable professional record, he was an Argentinian and American champion, as well as South American champion at club level. Yes, Gonzalo continues to build a career together with his great love.

On this occasion, the man from the city of La Plata, who was part of the three World Cups of the fusion sport representing the National Team from Argentina, landed in the United Arab Emirates to carry out his new profession, in which he will continue to share his experience, and his knowledge, while instilling the values of the sport as well as teaching and training all Padbol fans.

Maidana will develop his new adventure in the lands where Padbol is growing every day and everyone is in love with it. But there will be a string of experts in the field, who, like the Argentinian, will follow in his footsteps and will also become Professional Coaches, which will cause a quality leap in the sport, giving it legitimacy and prestige, something the entire Padbol family deserves.

Congratulations, Gonzalo!

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