Hungary, a new dream

  Each new country is an opportunity to enter people's lives generating happiness through sport ... and that is where Padbol has its great value. There is already a group of Hungarian professionals who will take care of our sport, a new logo, the ground is being prepared to set up the first playing fields that are already in Budapest waiting to be inaugurated ... Hungary is a new dream that comes true, welcome!  

by Juan
June 29, 2020

What is Padbol?

If what you want is to know more about Padbol, you cannot miss this short report by Padbol Spain that summarizes it very well through this video of less than 4 minutes.   If you are an institution or official body, a sports club, a businessman or entrepreneur who is passionate about this sport and you want to set up Padbol facilities, contact us and we will gladly assist you. We will inform you and clarify all the doubts you have. Join Padbol!

by Juan
January 4, 2020

Zlatan invites you to play Padbol!

"Do as me, Pogba and Henke: come and play Padbol at Padel Zenter and show your skills!"

by Juan
July 6, 2019

Welcome to the Padbol World!

Learn the basics of the meaning of being part of the Padbol family through this nice video.

by Juan
March 28, 2019

Raúl Meireles, one of us

In Portugal the popularity of Padbol continues to grow and has even reached recognized former footballers who have been seduced by the "fusion sport", such as the cases of Raul Meireles (FC Porto, Liverpool, Chelsea and Portugal National Team among others) and José Bosingwa ( FC Porto, Chelsea and Portugal National Team among others).   Of brilliant careers and international popularity, both retired athletes participate assiduously in matches, events and tournaments; sometimes accompanied by other outstanding figures such as the former Portuguese National Team and FC Barcelona, Deco.   Padbol with: Deco + Raul Meireles + Bosingwa + Petit +…

by Juan
January 5, 2019

Spain conquered by Padbol

Thanks to the combination between the love that Padbol generates among the Spaniards and the great management that the Padbol Spain team has been doing, Padbolmania has been unleashed in that country, or as defined by Begoña Calderon - General Director of Padbol Spain - " an authentic sports revolution ".   Consultations and facilities in any of the regions of the country do not stop and Padbol can be named as a sport of federal scale.

by Juan
January 1, 2019
by Juan
November 4, 2018
by Juan
October 10, 2018

The Nordic Padbol

With great satisfaction today we can announce that the Swedish company Padel Zenter - headed by its president Thomas Sandström and one of the most popular and loved footballers from around the world, Zlatan Ibrahimović - has become the exclusive representative of Padbol for the Nordic countries. By this way Padbol will come with the best possible quality both in Sweden, where there are already facilities, and in Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland.   Padel Zenter Based in Stockholm, Padel Zenter offers a chain of centers enabled to practice Padel and Padbol in the highest quality and professionalism. Proof of this…

by Juan
May 24, 2018

Padbol in Estudiantes de la Plata

Club Estudiantes de La Plata is the first professional team belonging to the Argentine Super Football League that has a Padbol playing field available for the training of its players, both for the first team and for their youth categories. The exponential growth of the "fusion sport" in development and popularity, added to the benefits it generates to footballers, has led to it being permanently adopted within the facilities at the Country Club of the town of City Bell, the bunker of the team "pincharrata" . The facility is framed between representative murals of the club, where stand out shields, trophies,…

by Juan
May 21, 2018