Chivi, the Official Padbol Mascot

Padbol finally has its Official Mascot and it is a friendly American Jaguar or Yaguareté who has been named Chivi.   Name’s Origin Its name is a derivative of the Chiví Guazú denomination, the way that the Guaraní culture calls this beautiful feline, the largest of the natives of the American continent.   Inspiration It is an aesthetically very beautiful animal, but at the same time of great fierceness, a natural predator. There is an equivalence with Padbol, a sport that is very visually attractive but is far from being pure “entertainment” but has all the characteristics of being competitive and passionate. It is also noted that both Padbol and Chivi have a common geographic origin; being…

by Juan
February 11, 2021

Israel, a great success!

Padbol has started its journey in Israel in the second half of 2019 by opening the first club in Tel Aviv and offering 4 official playing fields. The public's response has been immediate and amazing: facilities always full, professional soccer teams that add it to their regular training sessions every week and a large number of tournaments developed. The repercussion is so great that more playing fields are already available in other parts of the country and several new openings are planned before the end of 2020. To get the last Padbol Israel news go to or Instagram…

by Juan
June 29, 2020

Bolivia, every day more passionate about Padbol!

The facilities of "Naranja Mecanica Padbol Club" offer 3 playing fields in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

by Juan
January 23, 2020

Uruguay, King of America!

Sebastian Sanroman and Eddy Bueno, experienced duo representing Uruguay, have managed to be crowned as the new Padbol monarchs in the American continent in the II Edition of this tournament held at Mecca Padbol Club in La Plata, Argentina. The final match faced the 2 candidates in the pre-contest, faced the Uruguayans with the Argentina of Tomi Labayen and Gonza Maidana, reliving the final of Sorocaba 2017. The difference has been that this time the glory remained for the representatives of " la celeste "who in this way has taken revenge and will hold this title until the next edition,…

by Juan
November 27, 2019

The Copa América of Padbol live!

  November 15th, 2019    November 16th, 2019  

by Juan
November 16, 2019

European Padbol Tour: Romania

The European Padbol Tour is a competition that every year visits all the venues of the old continent, accompanying the passion that Padbol generates. We share a video created during his stage at Romania.

by Juan
October 23, 2019