Happy birthday Chivi!

Today we celebrate a new birthday of our official mascot

Padbol family is always having parties. This community enjoys big time everything related with the world of Padbol. But today is a very special day, as it is the birthday of our official mascot.

Chivi is celebrating a new year together with all the fans of the sports evolution. With his smile and positive energy, the most famous jaguar in the world represents the Padbol brand in the best possible way, granting it legitimacy anywhere.

For this reason, this time Chivi will be the one waiting for all the greetings and wishes from the audience. So, we hope you leave your comment on all the digital platforms and go to the nearest court so as to honor him with some twirls and amazing plays.

Having into account the wishes, we want to highlight that the family of Padbol is involved in the awareness campaign regarding Chivi’s breed (known as Panthera Onca) as it is an endangered species. On this matter, you can collaborate with the non-profit organization “Red Yaguareté” so that they continue living in our planet. For detailed information visit the official website Padbol.com

Here is the link: https://padbol.com/contacto-es/?lang=es

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