Looking good, Terrasa!  

The girls from Terrasa FC of Catalonia played Padbol on the courts of the Rubí club

Spain and all its regions are practically synonymous with Padbol. Almost the entire territory is occupied by venues of the sports evolution, and more and more fans are choosing it as their favorite sport. But even the latter also happens with other sports, which resort to the courts between the window walls to complement the trainings.  

That was the focus of the women’s team of Terrasa FC, from Catalonia, who went to the Club Rubí Padbol facilities to have an exclusive day of the sports evolution. 

The girls were the protagonists and stole everyone’s attention, playing, having fun and generating content for digital platforms, mainly Tik Tok, where you can see some videos and some of the points played. 

However, the coaches emphasized the exercises, the individual and collective technique, as well as the reaction and definition aspects so that they can later transfer them to the green field. 

Once again, they were the sophistication, the girls who contribute to making Padbol more special every day, so that everyone plays it, showing that Padbol is all about social inclusion, regardless of age or gender. Because Padbol is a family. 

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