Next destination: São Paulo 

Padbol returns to Brazil at the hands of Henrique and Gabriel Sacilotto

Apresentação de "Padbol São Paulo"

Samba, happiness, beaches, soccer… and also Padbol. Brazil has everything to be a special country. And, in that sense, our Padbol family continues to grow, this time, thanks to the project that Henrique and Gabriel Sacilotto will take to São Paulo. 

Gabriel, a former professional soccer player, had a love at first sight with the sport of evolution and saw the great opportunity to take it to his birthplace: “I knew about Padbol through social networks. I saw how they played, and that in other countries people are frenzy about it, and, taking advantage of how strong and soccer-loving Brazil is, I began to think of it as a business opportunity”, he says in the following interview. 

This is how Gabriel, who was in the cradle of Padbol (La Plata, Buenos Aires), seeing and studying all the details to promote this project, spoke with the businessman Henrique and they agreed to carry out the plan. Both are sports fans and saw how Padbol is precisely the great sporting evolution. 

Now it will move to Brazil, since they also define it as the sport of inclusion, which can be practiced at all ages and which will especially serve the youngest in their growth stage, being able to take Padbol to institutions, schools and clubs to encourage the practice from an early age.  

Both Brazilians, have the same vision and this is how they transmit it: “In South America Padbol is a boom and in Europe too. It is a great opportunity to develop in Brazil”. São Paulo, here we come! 

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