Why children choose to play Padbol? 

 The sport of the future has a series of benefits that make it one of the most complete sports in the world

 Every day more and more children play Padbol. It had an exponential growth in different continents, and the enthusiasm to play it is advancing by leaps and bounds. That’s why so many children choose to join the fusion sport par excellence. 

 Why is choosing Padbol a great idea? This sport combines several factors which make it unique: from motor skills to the values it instills. This is why from an early age many kids become fans of this modern, dynamic and fun game. 

 Thinking about the growth of children, Padbol has some benefits that the rest of sports don’t: it improves motor coordination, awakens reflexes and enhances reaction such as the movements that they discover and incorporate as they reach the growth spurt. In addition, children strengthen their muscles and joints, combine aerobic exercises and can improve the technical quality of their shots. 

 Also, and one of the main points, it is a sport that spreads certain values by sharing camaraderie, respect and fun within a court. 

 However, it is also good to note that Padbol avoids physical contact and does not put the health of the kids at risk. It was even essential in the harshest time of the pandemic so that several children remained active while keeping a distance.  

 Finally, aerobic work keeps children fit, allows the development of the lower body and improves physical coordination in full growth. And even the dynamics and continuity of the game also represent a focus of attention and exercise for their brain. Because of these reasons, and so much more, playing Padbol is a complete and unique experience.  

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