Padbol, a great choice for improving growth and development!  

The children of the Fontsanta Fatjo club enjoyed a different day on the courts of Catalonia

The projects for the development and training of the youngest are expanded day by day. There are no longer fundamentalist formulas for this, but new tools, training and activities are increasingly being incorporated to enhance the characteristics of the children. Padbol is a sport used by several institutions, as it is the sports evolution par excellence with many benefits.  

On this matter, the coaches of the CD Fontsanta Fatjo of Catalonia went to the Promosportive complex so that their students, from the under-16 male category, could enjoy a different way of training playing Padbol. 

There, all the children who participated enjoyed the fusion sport, being able to incorporate new movements, improve their individual techniques with the ball and, also, try some shots with the ball.

Everyone was delighted with this adventure and played for a long time to such an extent that they intended to continue challenging each other beyond the net. Until it was time to finish, say goodbye, take a photo for social networks and go back home. They were all happy with this experience. 

Padbol helps in different ways with the growth and development of the youngest children, and will always welcome the Fontsanta Fatjo club and everyone else.

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