Padbol News! 

The sports evolution continues to be part of the main media around the world

Currently, digital platforms handle information in the most dynamic and fastest way, with the display of images and texts that are spread in a matter of seconds. But there are still many people who continue to choose paper, radio and audiovisual files. That is why Padbol moves through all of them, because it is for everyone, and the news transcend wherever you watch it, read it and/or listen to it. 

In addition to our channels of contact, the main media have promoted the spreading of the sports evolution par excellence. Since the beginning to the present, Padbol was part of a series of news that transcended at a sports and social level. This is how large networks chose to mention us, to talk about their fusion, about all the pros and benefits offered by this sport, as well as to announce each event that was held and the new franchises that were opened. 

El Mercurio from Chile said Padbol is unique; Jornal Deportivo from Portugal, Sudpresse from France, Gazeta and Sport magazine from Romania emphasized the novelty of the game; The Province of La Gran Canaria, Correio da Manha from Porto, Solo Deporte from Bolivia, several newspapers in the Middle East, and not to mention the number of media that provided live and direct coverage of the main international tournaments of the sport, were part of the many that gave us visibility and enhanced our impact. 

Even in Argentina, the networks Canal 13, DeporTV and Fox Sports at the time also made specific productions of our sport and covered certain events. Not to mention the most important newspapers such as Clarín, Olé sports and so many more to refer to and highlight the sport created in there. 

Additionally, it is also important to emphasize that El Economista, a business specialist, wrote some pieces in reference to the market and other opportunities offered by Padbol. And you, how did you meet us? 

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