Padbol also has its anthem 

 You can feel the official music of all the international events of our sport with the “Padbol Anthem”

 Padbol is so much more than just courts. Padbol is not only a sport, but it has endless number of special features that encompass this great creation. And in these aspects, several triggers emerge that represent the brand, from the official branch offices, the mascot “Chivi”, as well as its music.  

 Beyond the powerful rock music that the discipline has, it also has an official anthem. Yes. The best music you will hear is behind the composition of Grupo Pogo, which is the author of “Padbol Anthem”. The band led by Leo Gaspari and Dava Bursuk launched this exceptional anthem that has been used since January 2021 in all international Padbol tournaments, such as the World Cup, the European Championship, the Copa América and those official competitions. 

 It is worth noting that the anthem is present at the entrance of the teams as part of the beginning of the ceremony of a competition or match, as well as after the flag of the International Federation of Padbol Associates (FIPA) waves on the court. Likewise, a fragment of Padbol Anthem is used before the matches, also to go to the commercial break and for the transmission closures of the competitions. 

 As for the music itself, it is a beautiful composition that combines wind instruments, electric guitar and drums. For sure you will feel thrilled with it. Even the images of the official video clip, with a collection of different moments, such as the 2014 World Cup, give you goose bumps with the fantastic plays of the Spanish Juan Alberto Ramón and company. 

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