Padbol is building a legacy 

 Many children played the Padbol Junior Cup 2022 in Romania, where they enjoyed the passion and camaraderie that this sport transmits 

Each Padbol tournament has something special, but even more so when it comes to children. We have said it before: there is no age to play the fusion sport par excellence, and that this sport has been winning champions since their childhood. And that was shown with the second edition of the Padbol Junior Cup, which took place in Romania. 


The largest event in Europe for juniors had a phenomenal importance, because besides witnessing the impressive talent that the little ones have, there were also some enjoyable days of extreme joy and camaraderie. The Cup was held on July 30 and 31 at the Timisoara City Shopping Center, organized by Padbol Banat Romania. 

Beyond the competition, the 2022 Junior Cup rewarded all those who signed up for the games, highlighting their participation, dedication and fair play. In total, 32 boys and girls from different football clubs and entities in the region were present. 


Two amazing days, with 24 tiebreakers on the first day, and the eight best teams agreed to the decisive instances for the second day, in which the quarterfinals, semifinals and the great final were played, rewarding Flavius Matei and Tudor Salceanu like last year. 

The main positions that made up the categories from 2009 to 2012 were: 

-First Place: Matei Flavius (2012) and Salceanu Tudor (2010)
-Second Place: Sabau Razvan (2009) and Szabo David (2009)
-Third Place: Popescu Robert (2010) and Herenyi Lukas (2010)
-Fourth Place: Asurdoaiei Alexandru (2010) and Goia Dragos (2010)

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