Padbol in United Arab Emirates 

The under 16 and under 18 teams of Gulf United FC had fun training in a different way on the courts of Dubai 

Training methodologies are constantly undergoing changes. Some keep the old formulas; others adapt to new technologies, but there are also many that unify criteria and sports, and apply different models to improve the capabilities of their trainees. And currently, Padbol has been one of the most popular activities chosen by soccer clubs, especially the smallest ones. 

The benefits offered by the sports evolution have been fundamental for many coaches and physical trainers to choose Padbol to enhance the abilities of their players. That is why, on this occasion, the Gulf United FC of the United Arab Emirates went to the huge complex in Dubai to develop some different practices. 

The under 18 team was the first to arrive at the facilities to share a day full of games, movements, training and challenges, in which they had a great time among the crystals. And days later the under 16 team of the institution arrived, and they also chose the fusion sport to include new tools for the youngest ones, who are gradually incorporating values, improving their technique, and also they are encouraging the respect and the fun playing sports since their childhood. 

Like Gulf United, there are already several soccer teams that choose to take boys and girls from the lower divisions to Padbol academies. This sport continues to evolve and we are part of it. Everyone is always welcome! 

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