Padbol Rubí made a big impact in Granada

Iniesta and Trujillo won this weekend Padbol Pro Tournament

The third qualifying round tournament of the Spanish Pro Padbol Circuit was held with the amazing presence of Chivi, and important players of this sport. Iñaki Iniesta Vicent and Fran Trujillo won the trophy.

The Ogíjares complex in the city of Granada was the epicenter of a spectacular competition, which had three intense days with the best scores that the sport can offer in that country, as well as a large audience, bar, food and other activities.

There, the Padbol Rubí team dominated the final evening, in which Iniesta and Trujillo defeated Javier Asensio and Aitor Vives in the decisive match of the First Division.

Meanwhile, in the Second Division, Domingo Bellido and Carlos González team won the first place, defeating Pablo Bravo and Hernán Iglesias, respectively.

After the competitions held in Gijón, Tenerife and Granada, the next date of the Pro Circuit will be in Madrid, where the final phase will take place. In November, the Spanish capital will host the National Championship, where these fantastic players will once again meet, elevating the quality of the sports evolution.

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