Silvestre invites you to play Padbol! 

The former Manchester United and France National Team showed his talent together with other athletes in Dubai and left a message for the community


Many professional soccer players once they retired, look for a way to remain active no matter the sport. And that is why it is obvious that most are enthusiastic about Padbol, the fusion sport par excellence that caught the attention of an extensive list of people. 

On this occasion, Michael Silvestre went to the fabulous Dubai complex. The French international player, who left a mark at Manchester United, Inter, Arsenal and others, had fun on the courts together with other renowned athletes such as Abdelrahman Al Barguthi, Khalid Alali and Johnny Nemer.  

But that was not all, because in addition to making the most of his stay in the United Arab Emirates and touring the facilities, Silvestre was so happy that he left a message for all the fans, inviting them to check out the passion and enthusiasm that Padbol generates.