4 million views! 

Padbol ruled social media with a fantastic play in United Arab Emirates

News travels fast. We have up-to-the-minute news and the different digital media allow us all to be connected. But we all choose what we want to see according to our tastes and preferences. And without a doubt, the Padbol community is in line with this, because day after day this community brings freshness to everything that surrounds it on social media.  

This time, a play in the amazing United Arab Emirates was responsible for generating a smash hit in that technological world, where a set went viral with a total of 4 million Tik Tok views. Yes, you read it correctly: four million!  

Padbol is firmly growing in Asian countries, and this time Nasser Al Neyadi, Omar Hasan, Jamal Shahdoor and Zico were the main protagonists of some movements that were recorded on cell phones. But that’s not all: they were immediately uploaded to social networks, and everyone loved them! Tik Tok was not the only site where this happened, the game reached 2 million Instagram views! How crazy is that!  

Now, after watching their game, when are your hits going viral? Don’t hesitate! You are also a pro, upload your movements to your profile and let the entire Padbol family be fascinated by your games!   


Here is the link to watch that amazing set: 


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