That time Spain conquered Europe

Hernández/Barceló team won the only European Padbol Cup to date 

Each Padbol international tournament has something special. That’s why all of them are so important, leaving a mark on the short history of fusion sports par excellence. And one of those moments was recorded by the Spanish team of Juan Miguel Hernández and Miguel Barceló, who were lucky enough to be the only European champions, so far. 

To date, Padbol has only played one European Championship. It was in September 2017 at the Flamanda Complex in Constance, Romania, where a total of 16 couples from different countries such as Germany, Belgium, Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Sweden and the aforementioned host country participated. 

In a first game they were divided into four groups, and then it was resolved with decisive games of the quarterfinals, semifinals and final. Precisely in the definition the Spaniards Miguel Barceló and Juanmi Hernández were the ones who won the title by a double 6-3 against their compatriots Iniesta Vicent and Gil Vicent. In turn, the podium was completed by the Romanian team of Gheorghe, Vasile and Nicusor. 

Beyond the European Padbol Tour championships, the Euro is an obsession. And in view of the next edition, who will be the future winners? 

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