The ball, the main protagonist

Some facts about the most important tool of Padbol 

Sports lovers usually have a special affection for the ball, no matter which sport they play. In fact, when they don’t have one, they manage to replace it with any object with similar properties. However, you cannot play Padbol with any ball. The main protagonist of our sport has and must meet some specific characteristics. For this reason, it is unique. 

It is different from the one used in soccer 

In comparison with soccer, the ball has certain similarities, but also, some differences, as for example: its weight, its dribbles, its size, and some other different specifications. With the number 5 ball, used in professional soccer, you cannot play Padbol, as it is heavier to head it at every moment; this is also true when being hit by a ball when blocking, and the bounces on the track and the crystals are different, which would make the game difficult. With the official Padbol ball that does not happen, since it is strictly designed for this sport. 

Technical features 

The ball has a uniform outer surface and it can only be white or yellow. However, almost everywhere it is usually white; in addition, it must have the official Padbol logo, which is the registered trademark that gives legality to the sport. 

In case the ball has seams, they must be without stitches. Also, its perimeter is 67 centimeters with a variability of no more than 5%, and it is a number 4 ½ ball. 

It must be a complete bouncy ball, made from polyurethane. The pressure ranges between 7 and 8 pounds, while its official weight may vary between 380 and 400 grams. 

Now that you have learned its features, you can make an appointment to come and play, so that you can see it yourself and grow fond of it, and try all the plays you dreamed of doing on the court. 

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