We got to know a little bit more about the leading figure of Padbol

Besides entertainment, joy, show, passion, plays and movements, what do you think about when talking about Padbol? Among other things, we think about Chivi. Yes, the official mascot. Whenever you see a court, he is there! If there is a presentation, an opening, a tournament or any event, he will also be there. Actually, we can see him in the different platforms, social media, front of the premises, TV series and even in cell phone stickers. But, do you really know him? 

From an emotional point of view, we had a private conversation with Chivi, so we can really get to know him, and we can share this with the fans. But, first, we have to tell you that Chivi is a yaguareté from Argentina, and so is Padbol, and he represents that fierce, competitive and passionate style that magnifies this sport. “Chivi” derives from “Chiví Guazú”, as the Guarani culture calls the largest feline on the continent, and, of course, he is one of the most aesthetically beautiful characters. 

Beyond being one world-renowned figure, which represents sports in every aspect, ensuring its legitimacy, our star also wants for Padbol to continue developing, crossing borders and making friends to protect this valuable endangered species. In fact, we invite the community to stand with us to help in the fight, together with the non-profit organization “Red Yaguareté”, using this link:https://redyaguarete.org.ar/. Join us! 


-Full name: 


-Date of birth: 

-October, 12 

-Zodiac sign: 



-Without any doubt, Padbol! 

-Skilled leg? 

-I don’t know that yet! I would say both of them. 

-Best hit? 


-Who is your idol? 

-Juanal (Juan Alberto Ramón) 

-Your favorite club? 

-Every club with a Padbol court. 

-Outdoor or indoor? 

-Both ways. 

-Your greatest wish? 

-For Padbol to keep crossing borders and adding friends. 

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