We want to share with you the official song of this fusion sport! 

The main events in the world have a preferred theme, for example, the Champions League, the Olympic Games, and the World Cup to name a few. However, not everyone has the pleasure of having a rock song as powerful as Padbol has. 

Our fusion sport is about explosion, movements, quality and amazing touches. This is why our musical style could not be other than rock and roll. Towards the end of 2020, we invited our friend band “Pogo” to write what we all know now as “Padbol Official Rock”, a catchy song that rocked since it was launched more than a year ago. 

This song tells the story from the beginning, the global smash hit and every single feeling that this sport causes, a sport that you play with your body, soul and also, with your heart. This is how this song was everywhere on social networks and different digital platforms, and was part of the enjoyable Padbol TV series. 

Also, it is worth noting that Padbol Official Rock crossed the borders and won several fans in different continents, having in mind that its video clip was made in three different versions thanks to the participation of Roberto Garay and Giselle Bagalá, among others. This was produced in Spanish, English and just in a recording studio. 

We’ll be forever grateful to our friends, Leo Gaspari, David “Dava” Bursuk and company from the music band who created the song with the love and passion that Padbol deserves. And of course, it will continue to make a difference both inside and outside the court.   

Padbol Rock (Official Video).

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