The Spanish team installed a court in their training facility and the players fell in love with the fusion sport! 

Nowadays, it is no longer striking to see professional footballers permanently playing Padbol. This is why the football clubs are directly adding this sport to their projects, premises and training.  

This time, Real Betis Balompié from Spain added a court to its premises, where the fusion sport is at its peak and continues growing day by day. At the Luis del Sol Sports City, the Betis bet on adding the training on their routines and leaving aside the traditional “soccer-tennis”. This is how the entire team of the current Copa del Rey champion became a fan of Padbol, including the renowned captain Joaquín.   


But that was not all, because the institution’s specialist doctors also resorted to this activity for those soccer players who are recovering from their respective injuries, as former Barcelona, Martín Montoya, could be seen in images on social networks. This allowed the Spanish player to carry out light exercises, testing movements, stretching exercises and changes of rhythm to keep improving in recovery times. 

The Verdiblancos were the first ones to have a Padbol court at their club, and there is no doubt that in no time several prestigious entities will copy that idea.

Joaquín y Borja Iglesias jugando Padbol en la Ciudad Deportiva del Betis "Luis del Sol"

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