Padbol with a magic touch of Hagi

The best Romanian soccer player in history add the sport to the Academy 

Talking about Gheorghe Hagi in Romania, is to talk about soccer. As well as talking about Elisabeta Gherghisan is talking about Padbol. The important thing here is that both of them make possible such fusion so that the sports evolution is an amazing success in their country. 

The licensee in Rumania is responsible for the huge growth of Padbol in said place, this called the attention of the crack player of the Real Madrid and Barcelona, among others. His excitement was such, that he not only wanted to participate in the main events, but he also incorporated Padbol in its soccer Academy, the most prestigious in the region. 

In these few years, Padbol was added to different entertainment complexes from some important institutions, from where the youngest were encouraged to play it. Even nowadays it is part of alternative practices to improve technique, quality, reaction and some specific movements. 

Hagi, together with his work team, made the decision of adding Padbol to his premises, and that is why a lot of children from the youngest division were able to enjoy everything the sports evolution generates, and its teachings. 

The pictures and videos of children playing, and the happiness of Hagi himself playing together with his son, who both are active in the Rangers of Scotland and Elisabeta, show real examples of the meaning of Padbol. 

 This is the link with the video of children playing Padbol at Hagi’s Academy: 

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