Calcio Padbol 

Calcio Padbol  Fabio Argiolas played with Luca Cepittelli and Marco Sau, professional footballers from Italy The ball makes people come together, but Padbol unites people a lot more. And that happens in different parts of the world, such as Italy, where several professional soccer players choose the entertainment of the sports evolution to train, and above all, share good times.  Fabio Argiolas, the first Padbol licensee in Italy, invited the players Luca Cepittelli and Marco Sau, who played last season at Cagliari and Benevento, respectively, to play Padbol, and they enjoyed a great afternoon with friends at the facilities of…

by Juan
November 1, 2022

Chivi, the family is growing! 

Chivi, the family is growing!  Despite of being an endangered species, in one year several Jaguars were born in the state of Iberá   Our Padbol family has wonderful news and we are delighted to share it with all of you: Chivi’s family has grown! This is clearly great news to celebrate, but also this is the perfect opportunity to raise awareness.  Our official mascot, which represents us all over the planet and is the legal brand of the sports evolution, has been going through difficult times as it’s an endangered species. However, in the last year 12 jaguars were…

by Juan
October 29, 2022


Superwomen  As in Romania, more and more girls choose Padbol One day it is in South America; another, in the Middle East; but hours later the passion for Padbol stands out in Europe. It’s like this: the passion for the sports evolution is growing by leaps and bounds everywhere regardless of gender or age. That is why it is not surprising that more and more women are choosing it as their favorite game.  Now the ones who got noticed were the Romanian girls, who had fun playing Padbol during a beautiful day organized in Bucharest, where the #BeActive program was…

by Juan
October 27, 2022

Padbol Citizen 

Padbol Citizen  The children from the Manchester City Academy enjoyed a very competitive and fun day of Padbol at the astonishing venue in Dubai  When learning and fun are combined, the result is always positive. For this reason, the satisfaction of seeing happy children playing Padbol is incomparable, as happened with the visit of the minor leagues of the Manchester City School in Dubai to the beautiful PadPro Emirates seven-court venue.  The Under 12 and Under 14 categories of the Citizen Academy, located in Dubai, shared and enjoyed a very special afternoon, which was full of laughter, photos, fun and…

by Juan
October 26, 2022

With the magic movements of Mauro Zárate  

With the magic movements of Mauro Zárate   The soccer player from Argentina played Padbol during his stay in Rome.  Every professional soccer player was always tempted to play Padbol. That’s why it’s an everyday thing to see most of them playing the sports evolution in different moments in their lives: in competitions, preseasons, to improve their technique, to relax, to recover from injuries and/or even to fully dedicate themselves once they have retired from their professional life.  Mauro Zárate, the striker from Argentina who is currently playing in Platense from the Professional Soccer League of his country, joined the countless…

by Juan
October 24, 2022

Rumania, Padbol enthusiast 

Rumania, Padbol enthusiast  The second edition of the Romanian Cup 2022 was another real success  A new event of the sport that is extremely successful in Romania was held during the weekend. Padbol once again caught people’s attention and was an exclusive protagonist in Bucharest.  Led by Elisabeta Gherghisan, the president of the Padbol Federation, together with the Ministry of Sports, this great national championship was held in the capital on the three spectacular courts of the CSN Lia Manoliu complex, where 24 teams from different cities were present.  The qualifying matches were played on Friday 16th, while the decisive…

by Juan
October 20, 2022

Padbol TV

Padbol TV The official Padbol channel has everything you need to know: from the best moments, interviews, music, venues and even a must-see series with 13 episodes. Join us!   We are all connected and the world of Padbol is no exception. We have all kinds of means of communication so that you can be part of this family wherever you are. And that is why, being in the modern world of digital platforms, we have what you need to have fun outside the courts: Padbol TV  Whether from a computer, tablet or smartphone, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel…

by Juan
October 16, 2022

Padbol among soccer and beaches  

Padbol among soccer and beaches   The professional team of Mallorca RCD changed their traditional practice and ventured into this sports discipline, as many other teams already did.   In recent years, the amazing beaches of Mallorca have ceased to be the only attraction for local people and tourists, because the fantastic island immersed in the Mediterranean Sea continues to change with the times to such an extent that it has added, among other activities, a series of Padbol courts that are a sensation. That is why even the professional soccer teams of RCD Mallorca joined the fusion sport of the future. …

by Juan
October 15, 2022

“La Scaloneta” made Padbol faster. 

“La Scaloneta” made Padbol faster.  Lionel Scaloni, Argentine national team coach, also played in the courts of our sport, together with Ariel Ibagaza and Juan Alberto Ramón Padbol is so special that attracts champions, this is why the winners of the World Cup, the European Championship and of several international soccer tournaments played in our amazing courts. And in this regard, the leader of the Argentine team that won the 2021 “Copa América” could not be absent.  Lionel Scaloni, national coach of Argentina, enjoyed this sport together with the main model of the fusion sport Juan Alberto Ramón, and with…

by Juan
October 14, 2022

Happy birthday Chivi!

Happy birthday Chivi! Today we celebrate a new birthday of our official mascot Padbol family is always having parties. This community enjoys big time everything related with the world of Padbol. But today is a very special day, as it is the birthday of our official mascot. Chivi is celebrating a new year together with all the fans of the sports evolution. With his smile and positive energy, the most famous jaguar in the world represents the Padbol brand in the best possible way, granting it legitimacy anywhere. For this reason, this time Chivi will be the one waiting for…

by Juan
October 12, 2022

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